A graveyard for words

If I close my eyes

if I close my eyes and pretend
the battle sounds like breathing
maybe the gods will relent

but I know every second spend
believing the sound is a heartbeat
is a second further from the present

but maybe if I care enough in the end
there will be no distance between us
and I will hear sounds I did not invent

Is everybody ready for the battle of the five armies because I sure as hell am not

you have wandered these halls

your tongue of silver
has no meaning in these halls of gold
so leave your twisted half truths untold


your voice as a summer breeze
does not move these halls of stone
so why won’t your echo leave me alone


your words shine as stars
and find a beholder in these halls of fire
but it’s more than just your words I admire

As per rule

as per rule
I don’t do feelings
and I don’t do love

but you
don’t do rules

as per rule
my brother comes
before all else

but you
are a brother too

Have you seen the angels fall?

have you seen the angels fall
was it not the most beautiful sight of all
as they embraced earth with burning faith
amazing how quickly they learned to hate

have you seen the angels crash
did you see their wings reduced to ash
was it not the most beautiful sight to see
Lucifer’s punishment given out for free

have you seen the angels cry
when they realized they’d lost the sky
it was a beautiful sight, indeed
to finally witness angels bleed

I made your life hell

I made your life hell
made the farthest circle
nothing compared to you

I made your mind hell
made your body a cage
that you perfected as you grew

I made you hell
made it so my next fall
will be right towards you

Angels without wings

angels without wings
are not meant to fly
but no one can convince me
that this, right here, isn’t the sky

angels without grace
are not meant to survive
but I don’t think I’ve ever
seen an angel so alive

angels without faith
aren’t angels at all
but you make me wish
more angels would fall

physical love

I wrote this one a while ago but I never posted it here

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and with all your good intentions
you build skyscrapers down to hell
and the higher you tried to go
the deeper you fell

and heaven proved to be a fickle friend
who knows what their plans will bring
but you know I will keep you safe
under my wing

and I will let you build however you want
all I ask is that you give your consent
and then it will be you and me, Sam
till the very end

so there we have it, my final samifer poem. It’s been a great a week and I had a lot of fun, so many talented samifer shippers and such nice people, but I really should have known better than to try and write seven poems because school is very demanding at the moment. I wasn’t able to put as much effort in all my poems as I’d liked because of that but I think most came out ok regardless.

I crave your touch

I’m kept warm by my sins
layer upon layer on my skin
and your ice cold touch
is the relief I crave so much


my dying wings burn cold
coloured silver instead of gold
and your burning hot touch
is the relief I crave so much

there have been many colours before I settled on silver more on that in the read more

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Just words

hell is just a word
and Lucifer is just a name
Heaven is just a noun
and falling is just the same

But I met Lucifer
and I’ve been to hell
I’ve seen heaven
and I still fell

Heaven hurt me
in ways Lucifer never would
and Hell harmed me
like just falling never could

Hell is a lie
Lucifer’s fame is too
Heaven’s just the same
falling is the only thing true

I think this is actually my vaguest samifer poem
I’m pretty sure this one would’ve been better if English was my first language and I actually knew everything about the things I’m trying to pull off here